I Don’t Like Politics, Do You?


Brandon Alderson, Editor/Reporter

Let’s talk about my least favorite topic around…. Politics! This topic is either very important to some people, but  if you are like me, you couldn’t care less about politics. It is not that I do not care who is in office, I just do not enjoy the fact that one election can split the country in half and cause a countrywide argument. Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, but politics is a very controversial topic, and nobody can ever completely agree with another person. Talking about politics is practically asking for an argument. I think it is smart to try and keep your political opinions between you and the ballot booth. If you’re not old enough to vote, your opinion still matters, just try not to make an argument out of it on social media or in public.


I personally cannot get interested in politics, and I sometimes feel like a bad citizen of the United States. I just sometimes feel as if I don’t really need to voice my opinion, yet, because I am not old enough to vote, even though I am getting close to the voting age. Politics are a very big part of our country, but to me, it is just so difficult to understand and get interested in. I want to be able to listen to our potential presidents and help be part of my family’s decision in the voting booth. When I sit in front of my television and try to watch politics, I just sit and wonder why there are two grown adults sitting on a stage arguing while a crowd watches them and picks a favorite. It honestly makes no sense to me. I hope to be able to understand and become interested by the time I am old enough to vote, but it is not looking promising.