The Life of a Working Student


Brandon Alderson

Being a student at Greenbrier West High School during this tough time has made it hard to manage our time and keep our grades up. As working students, we have to learn how to efficiently manage school and our part-time jobs. I work at Mcdonald’s; it is not the hardest job in the world, but it can still make things difficult. This year specifically, juggling multiple responsibilities is a challenge. Some working students are even trying to juggle work, school, and sports. This might be difficult but as long as you manage your time wisely, then you will be fine. If you’re trying to decide whether to get a job, here are some pros and cons of being a working student.


Some of the pros of working as a teenager/student:

  • You are able to have extra spending money that is your own.

  • You have to learn how to manage our money, which prepares you for the future.

  • It helps develop your maturity and responsibility.

  • It improves your social skills.

  • You can learn how to multitask.

  • It can help build your experiences for future resumes or applications.

  • While working during the school year, you have to communicate with your managers about your schedule for school; which in turn improves your communication skills.


Some of the cons of working as a teenager/student:

  • If you fall behind in school, then it is a lot harder for you to catch up.

  • In some ways, it can decrease social interaction with your friends and family.

  • It can sometimes be hard on your mental and physical health.

  • You do not always get along with your co-workers.

  • Your shift can affect your sleep schedule.

  • Working with the public is not a very sanitary environment, especially during a pandemic.