The Witches Past, Chapter 13

The Witches Past, Chapter 13

Eden Medlin and Breann Carlson

I stood there for a moment, equally confused as I was scared. I tried to figure out what the professor meant, and how I just did what I did, but my head was still foggy from the spell.“What was that?” I asked, and turned towards Devin.
Devin looked worried and refused to look at anything but the area where Mr. Blackford had previously stood.
I repeated the same question, louder but no answer.

“We’re running out of time,” Devin said finally; a solemn expression masked his features.
I looked at the ground, and the fright that shook my bones like liquid lightning got worse by the minute.

“We have to act quickly if we’re going to save your brother.” Devin’s voice was louder this time and had more sincerity.

“What did that girl mean? What did you tell me that you weren’t supposed to tell me? What war was the professor talking about?!” I shouted, visibly frustrated at him. Devin stayed silent for a second and refused to look at me.

“The reason I brought you here, isn’t just because I wanted you to save your brother. It’s because of the war. If you don’t help us in this war, over half of your kind will die. Mr. Blackford told me he wanted you guys dead. As far as he knows, I’m still on his side.” Devin said and looked at me.

I stood there, dumbfounded.
“You used to be on his side? Even when you were my brother’s best friend?! Why would you-” I was cut off; as a grey smoke filled the air.

Mr. Blackford appeared, and behind him, there were hundreds of warlocks, with glares on their faces.
I looked at Devin but didn’t have time to say anything, because I was cut off by the sudden shout of the professor, and magic that pelted at us from every angle. I tried to do what I did earlier, with the blue shield, but to no avail. Devin’s body went suddenly stiff, and when I looked at Mr.Blackford, he had a smile on his face.

At that moment, I realized that Owen was not in the room. I shouted his name, desperate as Devin turned around, a look in his eyes that I had never seen before. He reached his hands out towards me, and as much as I tried to resist him, I was too frightened to move, and I soon felt hands around my throat. I choked, and couldn’t breathe.

“Did you really think that I would turn on my leader so quickly?” Devin said and sneered.
I failed to say anything back and felt my consciousness begin to slip.

Just as the light that filled my eyes was draining, I heard a faint yell, and immediately recognized the voice.

“Let her go!” It was Owen, and I tried my best to stay awake for him.

The mission, the confusion, the hurt, it was all for Owen. I couldn’t let him down by dying. The hands that were gripped around my throat detached, and I fell to the ground, coughing.

“You ok?” Owen asked, as we both stared at the red cloud of magic surrounding a Devin, who was dead.

“I think so, I’m just really, really freaking confused,” I said and looked around the room.

I had just now realized that the professor, and everyone else that was with him, was nowhere in sight.
Owens’ eyes landed on mine, with a knowing look.

“He gave up. When he saw that I killed Devin, he ran. And he took his followers with him.”

“Who was he, really?” I asked, bringing myself up from the cold floor that I was laying on.

“He was one of the bad witches. They’re called bad because they only care about being the most powerful. His followers were bad witches too.” Owen wiping the dust off of my clothes.

“What did they want to do with us?”

“We’re from a very powerful clan of witches. One of the professor’s followers told me in the other room while they were trying to kill me. That’s why I wasn’t in the room. You wanna go home now?” Owen laughed as he looked at me. I still had so many questions, and I decided at that point that I wouldn’t tell him that I was from the present. The only problem I faced now, was knowing if I wanted to go back to the present or stay in the past, where it all seemed fine.

At least for now, that is.