Fields of Faith


Phelicity Robinson, Head Editor

Greenbrier West Staff:

On Wednesday night, our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) will be hosting “Fields of Faith”, a non-denominational service that is student-led and student-driven.  This is our 3rd year as a host for Fields of Faith and will be one of many fields open all across the world to reach out to our communities and especially to our young people.

First I wanted to give an invitation to all of you… everyone is welcome to attend and we would love to have everyone come.

Shane Griffith is our unofficial president and is going to be bringing some flyers around to give to any interested students.  Feel free to spread the word to any area churches or organizations that you think may be interested in attending.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions on details… basically it is a service at 7pm on our football field (or in our gym if weather is an issue) that will last for approximately an hour… where students lead prayer, read Scripture, give devotions or testimonies, sing, etc.

Thanks for your help, and for all you do for young people every day.

Jared Robertson

FCA Leader

Greenbrier West High School