Teacher Spotlight: David Foss

Teacher Spotlight: David Foss

David Foss has been a teacher at Greenbrier West Highschool for 15 years now. Over those years he has definitely made his mark as a teacher here. Foss started out teaching physical science, human anatomy, and physiology for eight years before switching to biology and physical science for the remaining seven. 


Fifteen years of teaching at GWHS has given Foss many fond memories to look back on. One of his favorite memories includes making biodiesel with Jim Meadows for a special topics class. The biodiesel was used to run a Mercedes and worked better than regular gas.


 “I enjoyed being challenged. Our biodiesel ran better than what was in the car already. The students were really into what we were doing.” – David Foss. 


While Foss enjoys his time as a teacher and has had a lot of fun being a teacher here, he has decided to retire after 15 years of teaching. Foss made the decision to retire because of the amount of traveling he has to do each day to come to work. 


“I drive about 3 hours a day round trip from home to school.” 


After retiring Foss plans to take up woodworking. He will be doing wood turnings and building cabinets among other items. He will be doing the work in a rental property that he turned into a shop. 


“I will be doing wood turnings and building cabinets and other items. I plan on being very busy and I am very excited to begin a new phase of my life.”


Foss will miss a lot of things here at GWHS, but the thing he will miss most is his students. The students mean a lot to them, and he hopes he has left an impact on every single one he’s had. 


 “I loved teaching these past years and I will miss a lot of people. What I will miss the most will be my students. Together we laughed and cried pushing through both good days and bad. I hope to have had a positive influence on my students as I treated them all as if they were my own children. I yelled at them, I’ve hugged them, and always loved them.” – David Foss


The students and staff will miss you here too. Thank you for everything, Mr.Foss. Cavtalk wishes you the best in life!