Colombia plane crash children reportedly survived 16 days in a jungle.

Ashley Bryant

I got this news article from This article was published on 5-19-23

Officials in Colombia say four children are missing since their plane crashed in the jungle and have been found alive And well more then two weeks later. Their mother and other adults were killed in the crash.

The government’s child welfare agency ICBF said it had received information from the field that the children had been found in good health.A pilot said he had also been told the children had been found by indigenous people deep in the rainforest.

Soldiers taking part in the search however have yet to see the children for themselves.The Cessna 206 light aircraft had been in was flying in from Araracuara deep in the Amazon jungle in southern Colombia to San Jose Del Guaviare when it disappeared in the morning of May 1st.

Its pilot had earlier reported engine problems.


After a huge search effort involving more then a hundred soldiers the plane was finally located on Monday two weeks after it had disappeared.The bodies of the pilot and co pilot And 33 year old Magdalena Mucutuy the mother of four children wete found at the crash in Caqueta province.

But the children who are aged 13 9 and 4 years old as well as an 11 month old baby were nowhere to be found