Is Ai Good For Our Writing?


As AI technology continues to advance, the debate over whether AI-generated creations are good or bad rages on. In recent months, Ais like Chatgpt and others have taken the world by storm for their ability to create well-made pieces of media in seconds. Showing the public how easy it would be to generate art or text prompts in a flash, but what does this mean for our future? What does the rise of Ai mean for the writers and artists of our modern world? Does it mean the end of creativity in the world? Not exactly. 


While Ai is a very useful tool for starting certain works or getting inspiration, Ai is still somewhat messy. Specifically Ai generated art. If you take a look at some of the art generated by Ai you start to notice some things. Certain parts look really messy or distorted, facial features are very skewed or scrunched, and the hands of people in these generations have too many fingers or none at all. 


This problem is seen in Ai’s writing as well. Some sections of text are filled with errors in spelling and grammar. This is one of the reasons why Ai isn’t exactly going to replace writers, at least anytime soon. The Ai can create very realistic writing and art pieces sure, but it’s still very clunky and requires human intervention in order to fix it. Ai while very self-sufficient still needs some form of assistance.


This is why Ai should be used in a different way. Ais like Chatgpt or Openart ai shouldn’t be used for creating something and claiming it as your own, it should be used to guide people through the steps of creating something. For example, Ais like Chatgpt can be used to create simple and effective starting lines for essays or articles. Creating a baseline for people stuck in the writing process. Ai art can give people inspiration and other ideas to base new art on and help them visualize an idea they might have had for a while. 


To prove how useful Ai is in these situations, I even used Ai to create the first sentence of this article. The rest of the article is organic of course but I used Ai to help me begin the writing process and flesh out what was once just a simple thought. 


All in all, Ai shouldn’t be used as a cheap and uncreative way to make art that isn’t yours, but as a tool to aid the creation of original art.