Astronomers finally saw a star eating a planet.

Ashley Bryant

This article was published on 5-3-23 I got this article from

While Earthlings went about there daily task in May 2020 another planet in are galaxy was meeting it’s demise a star  swallowing it for galactic supper.

Researchers spotted the event it happened’ marking the first time anyone has caught a star engulfing a planet in real life.In a study released Wednesday in Nature a team at MIT,Harvard University Caltech and other institutions reported that they observed a planet likely a hot Jupiter-size world spiraling close to a dying star that was 1,000 times it,s size until it was finally ingested into the star,s core.

The scientist say the star grew bigger and more then 100 times brighter in just 10 days ,quickly faded and then eventually turned to normal as if it finished digesting the planet.

The novel observation helps us understand more about Earth’s own final bow.Many Astronomers believe Earth will suffer a similar fate billions of years down the line when are ow evolving sun will run out of fuel balloon And consume it’s closest planetary neighobors.