Opinion on school questions.

Should Students grade their teachers?: 

I think students should be able to grade their teachers. Because teachers make mistakes they don’t realize. Or they do things they don’t realize are harder for students to learn. So grading them will help them realize the mistakes they’ve made and what they need to improve for the students. Some teachers don’t understand when students try to explain their confusion in class.


Do you have a tutor?:

Yes, I do have a tutor. I have a tutor to help me with school work because some teachers are not willing to help me when I am confused or the teacher does not understand the subject themselves. In today’s world due to being short staffed and people not working. Schools are forced to hire people who have no experience with their subject and have never taught it. They don’t bother teaching the teacher their subject either. If it wasn’t for my tutor I wouldn’t have the good grade that I have. 


Do you need a homework therapist?:

I think it wouldn’t hurt to have a homework therapist. Homework can be stressful and draining. If it is homework in a class I struggle with the stress increases. It can also be difficult if I have no help. My grades are very important to me and so making sure I do the homework right is something I try to do as a main priority. 


Does class size matter?:

Yes, class size does matter. 100% does class size matter. Teachers can only handle so many kids at once. If the class is really big then it will be a struggle for the teacher to provide 1 on 1 learning with some students who need it. Also if the class is really big the students may not have many privilege like smaller classes.