Zapped by your phone: an interview with some Cavaliers about what they prefer on their phone.


Student 1

This student uses Snapchat the most so they can text their friends. Their least favorite app is Prankdial phone call because “The Chinese government is watching us” so she said. They also spend most of their free time on Twitter to watch the latest news updates, she texts her friends in her free-time as well cause it is always a fun conversation she says. We asked if she has parental guidelines on their phone and the answer was no, and that is including the time limit we asked about and none of the students had a time limit at all and/or “guidelines” on their phone. We asked how many people she texts a day on average and the response was quite shocking considering all the people she had on her Snapchat she responded with three.


Student 2

Another student uses Snapchat and music the most, to talk to their boyfriend and the music app for music. Their least favorite app on their phone is Instagram due to them never being on it hardly ever. They also spend most of their free time texting or on call with their boyfriend and friends and watching TikTok; and listening to music. They typically text their friends and their boyfriend on their free time as well as other people. “I do not have any set parent guidelines or time limits on my phone. Sometimes I let my friends use my phone if they need to call someone or login to their stuff. I normally text my mom and boyfriend.”