Senior Spotlight: Cora Kesterson


Cora Kesterson’s bubbly personality has made her many friends in her years at GWHS. As her senior year ends her college plans begin this year. Cora plans on going to WVU to major in elementary education and has already begun taking college classes at New River in Lewisburg. She has been very excited to experience teaching young children and wants to be a teacher one day. 


Cora has more interests than just becoming a teacher. Cora spends her time playing video games with friends and creating art with the help of our amazing art teacher Ms.Bell. Her favorite games include Life is Strange, Don’t Starve Together, and Roblox. 


The pandemic had interrupted her high school years and her choice to go in person made seeing friends harder on a 3-day week schedule. But Cora pushed through and kept up with the times. “I won’t lie, my grades did suffer at first and it was disappointing, but as time went on I learned how to deal with the new change”. Even though the pandemic times were tough, Cora still was able to keep on the A honor roll and even made the National Honors Society. 


Cora’s ability to push through hard times, and her interests in video games and art have made her a very strong and interesting person, who has a bright future ahead of her.