An Interview with Nick Davis


I interviewed Nick Davis from Chef Foley’s culinary class. I met Nick when he got back from competition. Nick is a super cool guy and he is a sous chef.

Q:How or what got you interested in culinary?

A:Being in a kitchen and experimenting with spices and ramen noodles

Q:What do you like most about culinary?

A:Working in the community,connecting with other chefs and Job opportunities, and learning experiences.

Q:What do you like least about culinary?

A:Multiple consecutive days or downtime or events.

Q:What is or was the hardest thing for you?

A:Sometimes being out of class multiple days in a row. Having to Climb the ranks to become sous chef.

Q:What is your opinion on Chef?

A:Chef is the most lighthearted and understanding person I know. He is easy to get along with and one of the best guys I know.