House GOP Fails to override Biden veto of ESG Investing Ban,

Ashley Bryant

I got this article from This article was published on 3-23-23

The U.S. House failed Thursday  to overrride President Joe Biden’s first veto of a Republican-led bill that would have banned the consideration of enviromental social or goverance issue in retirement And other investment decisions .

Republicans failed to mount the necessary two third votes needed in the House to override The Presidents veto of the ESG Invesment Bill.

The override failed on a 219-200 vote mostly along party lines as most democrats opposed.The standoff was the first test of the first strength of the new Republicans majority in the house as it confronts the democratic President in the  White House. House Republicans have succeed  in the passing of the legislation through Congress last month part of the agenda is to undo so called woke government polices that try to  bring new ways of thinking about social And enviromental issues with equity And accountability.