SB 121 bill


What is the SB 121 bill? It is a bill that will grant funds and is required to be used to fund new programs or supporting existing programs. The SB 121 bill ensures that student journalists at high school and college level determine the content of student media and cannot be censored except in certain extraordinary circumstances. 


After passing senate 29-4 on january 24th senate bill 10 the campus self defense act was considered and passed by the house judiciary committee last week. Faculty students and administrative representatives were present at both the public hearing and committee deliberation to share their concerns about the legislation and its effects on campus. The SB 121 bill protects all of the freedoms and more by giving students the voice they deserve. West Virginia SB 121 bill gives the students journalist press freedom protection act. It aims to change narratives by codifying student press freedom. Students in high school or in college education institutions across West Virginia anticipate the passing of the new bill. 


First introduced by senator Mike Azinger passed the bill in 2022 but later the bill died in the West Virginia house of representatives education committee. The bill didn’t stop there on January 25 Azinger reintroduced it in the 2023 legislative session. It was passed in the senate and is now once again awaiting consideration in the house education committee. 16 states has passed the bill with Hawaii being the latest in 2022. The proposed bill specifically protects the freedom of expression through colleges and universities sponsored media is protected by the first amendment of the united states constitution. 


Journalist students inspire and unite their communities and schools by making news reports and letting people know what is going on in their county. The SB 121 bill will be a great law to have especially for journalists they can use this bill to help them. These publications cover issues for teens that no publications are covering. This bill is going to help the student journalists with funding new programs and I think it’s a good thing for student journalists to have something to help them.