Senior Spotlight: Will Massie


Susan Fleshman

For the senior spotlight I chose to do a senior named Will Massie. I interviewed Will about what his plans were after high school and if high school has prepared her in any way for her future. 

Will has said he is very intrigued with the Army, and has chosen to join that branch.

Have you decided whether or not you will be going to college? “no, i do not have any plans on going to college, I plan on going into the military”

What are you planning to go for? I plan on going into the army branch”

Has GWHS helped you plan your future?” Rachel Odell has helped with my future”

Has GWHS helped you get the education you need for a successful career and future?”yes”

How do you feel, about younger students looking up to you as a role model? “It shocks me to be honest.”

Do you remember a person, who you looked up to when you were a younger student? “Noah Brown ”

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to become a _____? “i have been wanting to go to the military since this year”

Was there a specific person who helped you realize what you wanted to become? “Jeremy Tincher ”