Wv State Lawmakers Pass Anti-Transgender Bill In House


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On Friday, February 3rd, 2023 WV state lawmakers passed HB 2007, which bans gender-affirming health care for youth in WV. The bill sparked outrage within communities. Hundreds of people from all over the state including Public school teachers, Christian religious leaders, licensed and aspiring physicians, Elected officials, Former Delegates of the house, and transgender youth and adults all gathered in the capitol to protest this bill.

The main point of the bill is that these surgeries and other treatments are irreversible, and will not improve the lives of transgender people living in WV. However, numerous studies have been made on the physical and phycological effects of these treatments, and all studies show a good impact on the mental health of transgender youth.

This bill’s ramifications have brought severe issues to transgender youth, and parents across the area. Multiple studies have been made on the effects of hormonal therapy and surgery on transgender people. The studies show that transgender youth have improved mental states when given the treatment they want to be given. These studies have proven that transgender youth have improved lives when given the ability to transition via hormones or surgery.

Transgender youth deserve the right to express themselves however they want to.

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