The meadow river rail trail

Greenbrier Environmental Group Incorporated is starting a project that could help the economy of the Meadow River area. The project is a hiking trail that will span Fayette and Greenbrier counties. The trail will be lined with fun activities for family and friends including Hiking, biking, mountain climbing, white water rafting, fishing, swimming, and much more. The trail is predicted to bring a lot of infrastructure to the Meadow River area by bringing people from all over the state to enjoy these outdoor activities. Greenbrier Environmental Group Inc will be holding meetings at Greenbrier West Highschool on the last Friday of each month to show progress and future plans for the trail itself. Students of GWHS have also been invited to collaborate with the environmental group to aid in the process.

Links to more information on the project are sighted here

Meadow River Trail Project, Fayette and Greenbrier Counties, West Virginia

Full Steam Ahead on the Meadow River Valley Rail Trail