What Is Criminology?


Susan Fleshman

I have spoken to a lot of students at GWHS and a lot of them have found an interest in criminology (myself included), so I did some research on the career and what it inhales. So what is criminology?
Criminology is the study of crime and deviant behavior. According to Wikipedia: “Criminology is an interdisciplinary field in both the behavioral and social studies, which draws primarily upon the research of sociologist, political scientist, economics, psychologist, philosophers, psychiatrists, social workers, biologist, social anthropologist, and scholars of law.”

They research/work to find the study of crime along with society’s reaction to crime. A few criminologist examine behavioral pattern of possible crimes. Criminologist collect research and also investigations developing theories/analyzing empirical patterns. The interest or study’s involve the study of the nature of crime and criminals, origins of criminal law. Etiology of crime, (Etiology meaning: “The cause set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or condition.” Social reaction to crime, the functioning of law enforcement agencies, penal institutions. It is broadly said that criminology directs its inquires along 3 lines.

First: It investigates the all around nature of criminal law, administrations,and conditions under when it develops.
Second: Analyzes causation of crime and personality of criminals.
Third: Studies control of crime and rehabilitation of offenders.
Criminology includes legislative bodies, law enforcement agencies, judicial institutions, correctional institutions, and educational/private/public social agencies.