November Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


November has passed and with that comes not only the cold, but I think the Scorpio zodiac sign has also passed. Scorpio runs from October 23 to November 21. The Scorpio sign runs from October 23 to November 21. I am a Scorpio myself so I have researched a lot about this zodiac sign and I have found that Scorpios have a bad reputation. That is because Scorpios are depicted as dark, mysterious, manipulative, possessive, and overall cold. The Scorpio sign is represented with an M with a tail or an actual scorpion so Scorpios naturally, like a scorpion, are defensive and they have a shell or defense like a scorpion does and will wait for the perfect time to strike. A Scorpio’s “second language” is sarcasm and/or snarky comments and if a Scorpio feels like they have been attacked or provoked, they will attack or be cold and sarcastic.You might say if you know a Scorpio that they are cold and not easy to talk to, but a Scorpio doesn’t trust easy. It takes time for a Scorpio to trust you because they don’t want to get hurt. If you gain a Scorpio’s trust however, they will be your best friend until the end and will support you and be there for you, but if you lie to a Scorpio or hurt them, they most likely will not forgive you, but they can forget.