The show may be called the Lead Balloon but host Dusty Weis was flying high for his recent episode. It was recorded in a ride along with the farmed U.S Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron at Pensacola Flordia.Headquateone .
Each year dozens of media reps influencers And VIPs are invited to take a ride in the back seat of the squadrons F/A-Super-Hornet-Fighter-Jets. And in order to tell the story of the Blue Angels public affairs Lead Balloon was invented to be one of the first podcasts to take one of those rides this year’ In the episode of Weis is paired up with.LT Commander Griffin Stagel’ No.7 Blue Angels pilot And air show narrator is tasked with giving media reps the ride of a lifetime while at one time serving as a on record spokesman for the unit.

He not only flies planes but fields questions And hits talking points with a smile on his face. All while enduring the extreme physical punishment of High G aviation.
Lead Balloon does not typically produce videos of its epiosodes but the once in a lifetime opportunity for Weis And the show resulted in a companion video version of the podcast it was recorded by pilot Stangel who often flies members of the Blue Angels public affairs team to capture photos And videos of the squadron in action.

Riding with the Blue Angels is a life changing for me And a great chance to learn from some of the best strategic communitors in the Business Weis says as much as I enjoy telling stories via podcasts it was a special opportunity for us to share are tale as a visual experince as well .

Lead Balloon is a creation of Podcamp Media a Milwaukee production agency specializing in the branded podcast .The monthly show revisits Epic Pr disasters intense communication scenarios proffesional crisis And half baked marketing campaigns gone awry.

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