Who Is Krampus?


 Every holiday has a dark side to it, even Christmas. A Germany folklore tale from as early as the 1600’s, about St. Nicholas’s “Evil Twin” or “Devilish companion” known as Krampus. A name from the German word Krampen meaning “Claw”. It is said that Krampus is part of pagan rituals for the Winter Solstice. Legend also has it that he is the son of Hel, the norse god of the underworld. Stories say that Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon monster, that is 7 foot tall, hairy, with bulging eyes, whip-like tongue, pointed ears, horns up on the top of his head. It is said that he carries a pitchfork, or more traditionally a bundle of birch switches. His job is to accompany St. Nicholas, on his trip, and on December 5th (Krampusnacht; Krampus night) they both go around and while St. Nicholas gives the good children gifts as a reward. Krampus’s job is to take care of the naughty list. Krampus goes through town with mismatch feet: one cloven hoof, the other a bear like claw, and punishes misbehaving children, by beating them with branches and sticks, some say that if the kids are really bad, Krampus eats them or drags them to hell. 

When December 6th comes, either kids wake up with presents, or have to aid their injuries if they’re lucky to receive that over the alternative. With the spread of Christianity, Krampus became associated with Christmas-despite efforts by the Catholic church to ban him. There is a festivity that involves celebrating Krampus. It’s called “The Krampuslanf” (Krampus Run). An activity where people dress up as the creature and parade through the streets, scaring spectators, and sometimes chasing them. This event involves an intense amount of alcohol. Late 20th century, amid efforts to preserve cultural heritage, Krampus runs increased in popularity in Austria, and Germany. Around this time Krampus became celebrated internationally, the monsters growing appeal was evidenced by many horror films. 

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Author: Amy Tikkanen 


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Author: Michael Amole, Dana Ronitz Amole