The Macy’s Day Parade

Many of us have watched the Macy’s day parade on TV or maybe you have been lucky enough to see it in person. The Macy’s parade takes place every year in New York City on Thanksgiving morning while also being broadcasted live across the United States. The Macy’s day parade has been going on for decades with this year making the 96th annual thanksgiving parade. Each year the parade consists of people in costumes, makeup, giant floats and inflatables. What started the parade was the expansion of the Macy’s store which covered an entire city block. To celebrate the opening of the “World’s Largest Store” Macy’s threw a parade the morning of November 27th, 1924. The parade was police escorted and took place at the intersection of 145th Street and Convent Avenue. It lasted 6 miles stretching from Harlem to Herald Square. The parade’s success staged another parade the following year and shortly after that became a tradition. Since then the length of the parade has been cut down to two and a half miles. The parade has been around for 98 years but there’s only been a total of 96 parades; this is because in 1942-1944 there was no parade due to the shortage of helium and rubber during World War II. Those 3 years have been the only years Macy’s has not had a parade.