Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer
By: Cheyenne McCallister

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the infamous serial killers that we hear about today and there’s even a show on Netflix called Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Dahmer had killed 17 males in total all in which he, “rape, dismemberment, necrophillia, and cannibalism.” There wasn’t anything (past wise) that could cause Dahmer to become like this (most serial killers had a terrible childhood and a lot of trauma to act like they do). He had no hobbies and no interest in things and didn’t even like socializing very much. Dahmer had “entered adolescence, turning instead to examining animal carcasses and heavy drinking for entertainment.” Even though he had continued to drink throughout his high school years, that didn’t stop him from graduating. At the age of eighteen Dahmer had murdered his first victim Steven Hicks. Dahmer hit him on the back of the head and proceeded to take him apart and then bury him in his fathers backyard.

Dahmer didn’t kill again for the next nine years but during that time he had dropped out of college because of his drinking problem and was sent into the military by his father. Though of course even then he still drinked and soon got medically discharged because of it. He was sent “to live with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin.” 1985 Dahmer was frequently visiting gay bathhouses, he drugged the men and raped them when they were unconscious. He was arrested for this but he wasn’t charged for rape but instead got probation. He was also “arrested twice for two incidents of indecency.”
The second victim was Steven Toumi who was killed in September 1987. They both went to a hotel together but Dahmer struck right then. Apparently Dahmer had no memory of murdering Steven Toumi and instead “implying that he had committed the crime on some sort of blacked out impulse.” After the murder of Steven Toumi, Dahmer had started to spread out each of his murders weather it was a year or more apart. His main target were men and solicited prostitutes, whom he would lure them from a bar before killing them.

Dahmer was arrested again but this time for sexually fonlding with a thirteen year old boy. He wasn’t put in jail but he had “five year’ probation, one year at a work release camp, and was required to register as a sex offender.” Dahmer was actually released two months early from his work camp and lived in an apartment. Dahmer still murdered four people that same year even with the vists from his probation officer. Just a year after that he managed to murder eight more people in 1991. Dahmer became so fascinated with the idea that he could turn people into zombies and started to kill once a week.

The way Dahmer got caught was not surprising to say the least. Dahmer’s neighbor(s) complained (a lot I presume) about the strange noises and the smell that came from his apartment. Tracy Edwards was the last male that Dahmer had tried to kill but didn’t succeed in doing so. Edwards had actually managed to escape Dahmer at knife point (because Dahmer was forcing him into the bedroom of his apartment). Edwards had gotten the police and they checked Dahmer’s apartment and found pictures of dismembered parts and dead bodies. That was enough to let them arrest Dahmer and lock him away in jail.

Later on Dahmer confessed to everything he did and was sentenced to 900 some years on 15 chargers of murder all to which he blamed insanity for. While Dahmer served his time at Columbia Correctional Institution he was attacked two times. The two inmates that had attacked him meant to kill him. One of the inmates went to slice his neck open but only left superficial wounds. The other inmate had attacked Dahmer while they were cleaning the showers though Dahmer was found alive but he died being transported to the hospital.


Jeffrey Dahmer