Some Facts About Cats & Dogs


Photo courtesy of European Wilderness Society.

Dalana Cook

Cats and dogs are the best companions to have around. They provide company, companionship, and entertainment. This is a field that I want to go into and I love animals and these facts have come from my experiences of having cats and dogs and from different websites I have read, so here are a few fun facts about cats and dogs that you may not have known about.


  • Calico cats aren’t really a breed of cat, they are just called Calico because they have the different distinguished colors of the Calico fur. Calico is just the name of the fur that has orange, black, and white colors in it. A calico cat isn’t any specific kind of breed, it’s just the name for the different colors of black, orange, and white. A cat could also have gray, white, and tan or almost orange colored patches on its fur and that’s also a calico cat, but it’s a rare type.
  • There is also a type of cat called the “Tortoiseshell” cat. They are like Calico cats, no specific breed, but the fur has different colors than a Calico. They are called “Tortoiseshell” because the different colors and patterns seem to resemble a Tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell cats have white, red, and black in their fur, but their fur can also have pastel colors. Tortoiseshell cats with pastel colors are called “Dilute Tortoiseshell”, they have orange and gray patches or they might have yellow and chocolate, and another tortoiseshell cat called “Blue Tortoiseshell” might have a cream color and a blue-gray color.
  • Be careful where you put your cat’s food and water bowl. According to my experiences of having cats, if you put their food and water bowl near each other, your cat is probably not going to drink out of their water bowl. Cats have the same instincts as big cats like lions and in the wild, if a lion knows that there is a dead animal that could be food beside a small stream, the lion is not going to drink from the stream. This is because there could be harmful diseases in the water. So find a place that isn’t too far away, but not too close to the food bowl and put the water bowl there.
  • Cats get tired of the same food you give them whether they like chicken, but all of a sudden they’re tired of it, that’s a cat for you. Not all cats like fish either, some cats like chicken or even turkey better than fish. Some cats are just not fish eaters. If your cat, after you put food in their bowl, sits there and stares at their food they most likely don’t want whatever you put in the bowl. Try taking a spoon and mashing up the food a little, sometimes that works because they’ll think that you put new food in their bowl and sometimes they’re just picky and want new food. If that doesn’t work, put a little bit of cheese in their bowl along with the food that’s already there or if they like some other food, put some of that in their bowl. Sometimes they don’t want any new food or anything like that, sometimes they just want to be petted.


  • Dogs have a sense of time. If you train them well enough and have a routine, they know how long a walk should be just by feel.
  • A dog’s nose has a distinct pattern on them much like how each person has a different fingerprint. A dog’s nose is like a human fingerprint because no one person has the same fingerprint so no one dog has the same pattern on their nose.
  • Dogs don’t have sweat glands so that is why they pant when it is hot. The only place where they sweat is through their paws.
  • A dog’s sense of smell is so strong that studies have been shown that dogs can detect feelings of fear and happier emotions.
  • Both dogs and cats have bursts of energy called “Zoomies”. If you’re just going along with your business and then all of a sudden your cat or dog runs all over the place like crazy, that is what a zoomie is. 
  • Smaller dogs live longer than bigger dogs. The reason smaller dogs live longer is because they don’t spend most of their life growing like bigger dogs do. Bigger dogs spend more time growing and it impacts their life span more so than smaller dogs who don’t spend as much time growing in their life.