Mothman sighted in Rainelle!? [FICTION]

[Editors’ Note: This article is a work of fiction; it is not meant to be taken as a serious news article.]


As of October 3rd, 2022, multiple people reported having seen Mothman flying around the streets of Rainelle. Reports say that the Mothman was spotted perching on top of the Kroger grocery store. The Mothman was quoted to be staring at multiple individuals, and growling at many workers leaving their shifts, before flying off into the night. The Moth creature was seen flying towards Sewell Mountain, before disappearing into fog and darkness. This sighting begs the question, what was the Mothman doing on top of the building, and why Rainelle of all places? Multiple civilians decided to give their opinions and theories on what the Mothman might have been doing that night. One man named Geoff Putterman decided to give his insight on the event.


 “I always knew there was something up with this town. Maybe he was here for some sort of ritual. I honestly can’t tell. I’m just happy he didn’t destroy the golf course any.” -Geoff Putterman


We get a theory from another Catie Katzenberg, a worker at the Kroger where the creature was spotted. 


“I think he’s just looking for a new home. Can’t blame the guy, I bet staying in Point Pleasent forever gets a little boring.” -Catie Katzenberg 


Luckily no physical, or emotional damage was done to citizens during the creature’s appearance. We will continue to update the people on any other Mothman sightings reported in the Greenbrier County area.