Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian raked a path of destruction across the SouthEast United States on September 28,2022 devastating the state of Florida And its Gulf Coast before making final landfall. It made final landfall in South Carolina on Friday September 30th.One of the most powerful Hurricanes to hit the US in decades. Hurricane Ian at least destroyed 5 buildings. Hurricane Ian is the deadliest storm in any state since 1935 .

Hurricane Ian is a cyclone It can be categorized in different categories  like a 1 2 3 or 4 with Hurricane Ian people had to evacuate from their homes in the state of Florida And they had to travel Somewhere else Where they are safe . People died in Hurricane Ian . The deaths from Hurricane Ian surpassed 100.

It hit the states of Cuba And North Carolina too. Hurricane Ian developed over the Caribbean Sea And Hurricane Ian had winds up to 115 mph.People prayed for People during Hurricane Ian. They prayed that they would make it through the storm.

People provided relief for the people in Hurricane Ian like food And Water And they also provide hygiene And other relief. Hurricane Ian caused a lot of flooding.

Hurricane Ian left Thousands of people without power in Florida from Hurricane Ian. And in Cuba from Hurricane Ian there are 500’000 still Without power including homes And Businesses. And at least 40’600 people are displaced from Hurricane Ian. People will probably have to end up rebuilding some of their homes.

Hurricane Ian also made landfall in Fort Myers Florida which is another part of Florida.

Flooding depth which is flooding which is all the rain they got it reached 12ft in some places.

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