Is Band a Sport?

Is band a sport? Band has two seasons to it–just like every other sport has their own seasons to play in. Band has
a concert season and then they have their marching season. (If you’re in  band then you know
the difference between the two, but if you’re not then I’ll get to that in a moment.) I interviewed a
few members of the band and even the band director himself. All of them gave me somewhat
similar answers:

Though it’s true that you need a physical for marching band, you don’t necessarily need one for
concert band. According to Kaydence, “in a concert band, you sit in a chair and play an
instrument,” and that’s usually how it goes. But you still have to practice like you would for
marching band and anything else really. Concert band could be considered an easy part of band
because you’re not marching and just playing an instrument. But, concert band would not be
considered a sport because of it.

Marching band is both competitive and aggressive in a lot of ways. According to Mr. Sims,
“band is considered a P.E. credit at most schools”. Marching bands also involve a lot of
competitions with other schools who are just as competitive as we are. According to Braelyn,
“you’re out in the blazing heat with wool uniforms on, having to march while playing and
reading music”. I respect all the band members because I know I could never do that. If we
compare a regular sport like football or baseball with band then you can spot some of the
similarities. “Both require a good bit of work and stuff,” Valerie Rice told me.
Concert band and marching band are totally different, but they both work together for students to
enjoy themselves. There is a great amount of work that is put into everything the band does and
it can change the views of a prospective, like mine. In my opinion, I don’t know how they handle it, but they earned my respect.

I just want to thank the few who let me interview them. Thank you, Valerie Rice, Braelyn Sanford, Kaydence Gwinn and Mr. Sims.