Furry Business

Across schools in the U.S there has been a rumor about litter boxes being added into school bathrooms. Many students have controversial opinions about this topic. Many find it to be disturbing and outrageous. It all started back in January in a Michigan school.This rumor has been going around for months since then amongst many schools in the U.S. It was just Greenbrier West time to experience it. Many schools, including ours, have gotten various different calls, social media posts, and emails from students and parents regarding the litter box situation. It has been confirmed not to be true, I have spoken to a teacher at Greenbrier West and they have confirmed it. Emails were also sent to teachers about the rumor being not true. Along with the litter box situation there has also been a photograph spreading around of a person in an animal costume also known as a furry. The photo has been Google image reversed and found it is from an article about furries not a person from Greenbrier West in an animal costume.


[Sources: teacher from GWHS, myself, students from GWHS, and usatoday.com.]