Greenbrier West is Haunted!?!?

The Cavalier

On October 22, 1992 three female students at Greenbrier West High School conducted a séance in the girls restroom at the bottom of C building, across from what is now Mrs. Longanacre’s room. The girls were trying to summon the spirit of the Greenbrier Ghost, because they learned about her in history class. While performing the ritual, the toilets and sinks suddenly started overflowing and the hallway had to be shut down for a week. Ever since then it’s been said to be haunted, but not by the Greenbrier Ghost. 

    The incidents of paranormal activity started soon after. With many students reporting an intense feeling of dread and anxiety when entering the facility. Others reported the bathroom feeling usually cold or hot, feeling a presence with them in the restroom, and even foul odor emanating from the walls. After the end of the school year came, the spirit was never heard from again.

    However, more recent sightings of the paranormal at West have students worried. Several students have reported the sinks turning themselves on and off, the toilets being too hot to sit on, and a strange green ooze dripping from the ceiling. 


If you witness such occurrences or similar events we urge you to contact us at [email protected].