Spring Around the World


Tiffany Redden, writer

Countries all around the world bring in the new season of spring differently.  In the United States we spring clean, decorate eggs, garden, and fish.  However, in different parts of the world spring is celebrated differently.

For example, Northern India brings in the new season with a colorful festival called Holi. During Holi, they throw colored powder at one another to represent the many colors that spring brings.

In Australia, they celebrate Spring with a display of over a million flowers blooming.  Many gather at the Teotihuacan pyramid to celebrate the spring equinox in Mexico. Many will climb the huge pyramid, 360 steps, to get as close to the sun as possible to gather energy for the year.

Spring starts at different times in different regions of the world.  Places like Australia and New Zealand use the meteorological seasons so spring starts September 1st every year.  For America, our spring falls in March, April, and May. In Finland and Sweden, the season depends on the temperature.

Spring officially starts on March 20th, 2022.  Spring in the United States will go until June 21, 2022.  What are some spring traditions that you celebrate?