Is Having too Much Money a Bad Thing?


Rylee Saunders , writer

Is too much money a bad thing? Many famous or rich people claim too much money and fame is a bad thing. Stars like Brittney Spears, Kourtney Kardashian, and Amanda Bynes all agree too much money is a bad thing. It can cause hate and harm, it can bring violence and anger, it brings people a lot of stress and pain but it doesn’t seem that way because of the diamonds and glory. Many people back this up and say they wish they didn’t have the fame anymore. Kylie Jenner is another well-known celebrity who has said in the past she wishes her life were “more private” and claimed she “wasn’t made for all the cameras and fame”. 

How could too much money be a bad thing? Too much money could be a bad thing because many people are jealous and envious of others, some tend to get a little off track and harm others over money. Too much money can buy anything which also includes drugs, alcohol, and other harmful substances. Many famous people have lost their lives because of fame and money. They even have fan pages and research articles on the “27 clubs” where most actors, musicians, and celebrities pass away, take their life, or were mysteriously killed in some way. 

How much money is too much money? It really depends on the person and their mental health. If a person is highly stressed and has no time management, millions of dollars aren’t gonna calm them down and help them, it’s gonna make things a lot harder. If you’re a stable person, millions of dollars can either add more stress or free up more space for them. However, the majority of people are highly stressed, they need security and support from others instead of millions of dollars to spend. 

Many others have tried solving this problem but we will always have this problem. Too much money is a bad thing, especially when you don’t use the money for good. Most people want all the money in the world so they have all the power.