Should You Consider Getting an Animation Job?


If you’re good at art or maybe watch shows and notice the animation in the shows, you’ve probably considered getting a job as an animator. This article will help you determine whether or not that is a good job choice for you. 

First off, animators don’t really have a good record for getting good pay. The hours are also terrible. Take MAPPA studio for example, located in Japan, they are currently animating 5 or 6 shows at once. There have also been complaints about this company and how the employees work for hours but get paid very little ($20,000~$26,000). Just this week, in fact, a worker from MAPPA tweeted about how he returned home after working for 3 days. But this is only in Japan, so what about America?

Right off the bat, there’s a big difference in the animator’s pay in America. They average around $68,000 annually, but that also depends on what company or show you’re animating for, and your experience as an animator. Senior animators can reach up to 6 figures for their salary. The working conditions also aren’t as bad compared to Japan’s terrible working conditions for the workers.

So, animating is a good choice in America but this job also requires a lot of work and hours to be put in. But in Japan (if you move there), I wouldn’t recommend it at all.