Is 80s & 90s fashion coming back?


Rylee Saunders, Writer

Teenagers today wear “cool, trendy” clothes. Most of these fashion trends are believed to be inspired by the 1980s or 90s. Teenagers now wear “mom-jeans” and “mini-bell bottoms” and puffy, flowery shirts. These are described as the new trending clothes. Most people wonder when these trends started to come back. Back in 2019, was the first time most stores started stocking shelves with “mom-jeans”. Gradually making its way into stores in America.

Most people think history is starting to repeat itself in clothing and fashion trends. “Out with skin-tight, in with baggy!” Most of the ’80s and continuing into the 90s were focused on baggy, loose, pop-art clothing. Some adults are actually against the clothing and think it’s “unprofessional” and “weird” for these children to express themselves, while other adults think the clothing is amazing and want every bit of the clothing to make a comeback. However, almost all of the newer generations think it’s wonderful and they love showing off their “brand-new” style.

I think it is wonderful to express yourself and I think it shouldn’t matter what people wear. I think the clothes are cute and trendy. Most of these teens don’t wear the clothing for attention, they wear it because they are comfortable. These trends are cute and you can find these clothing items at almost any clothing store near you.