Transitioning from High school to College


Tiffany Redden, Writer

Many of the students at Greenbrier West High School will continue their education at a college or university after graduation.  The transition from high school to college can be overwhelming and difficult for many students.  A college sophomore in the nursing program at West Virginia Tech was interviewed about their experiences in college so far. 

High school and college have some major contrasts between the two. When asked what was the biggest difference between high school and college, Destiny Redden states “ “The freedom you have to do what you want.  The workload and how hard the material is.” When going to college, it is important to prepare yourself to make wise decisions. You will also need to be organized and know how to prioritize things. 

Redden was asked about things that nobody prepared her for when going into college.  Redden said, “The amount of time I’d have to spend actually studying, how to study, to make friends with my professors because it would make a major difference in my education, how to schedule and balance time between family and school.”  In high school, many students can get by without studying, but in college it is different.  College may feel like a balancing act at times so time management will be essential.

Redden says “Being on campus for a trial run would be helpful in getting used to the different environment and learn your way around.  Being able to have a way to make friends early on and having classes in high school to help teach you different study techniques.”  Learning how to study will pay off when going to college.  Ease your way into college by taking a tour and getting familiar with the campus.