How Do Different Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Some countries celebrate Valentine’s day differently than we do. Here in the United States, we celebrate by buying flowers (usually red roses), chocolates, and dinner for our significant other. In Denmark, they exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops and send their crushes joke letters. In South Korea, the men get pampered with chocolates and flowers, and then on March 14, the women get pampered with flowers, chocolates, and gifts. In Japan, it is also a day to spoil men but it’s not just your significant other that gets chocolates, it’s also your boss, coworkers, and all your male friends. In Germany, you exchange chocolate pigs with your significant others. The pigs represent luck and lust and it is a tradition to exchange pig-themed gifts with the ones you love. In England, they have a “Jack Valentine” that leaves valentine’s gifts on your front door like Santa. In the Philippines, they celebrate by having mass weddings. It is a day where they all get together with their loved ones and exchange vows at the same time and for some couples living in poverty, this is their way to afford marriage.