An Inside Look – Greenbrier West Wrestler: Brad Blevins


Well, let’s start with how last week went for Brad Blevins. We had an invitational on Thursday, December 30 and Blevins had 5 matches. He went 5 for 5, which included beating Troy Harrison from Woodrow Wilson.

I asked him some questions to get to understand how he got into the sport and what has helped him achieve his success. “Like for instance, we know that wrestlers have to cut weight; but how hard is it?” I asked. Blevins responded by saying, “It’s difficult for me because, at the beginning of the season I was 160 pounds and I had to drop 22 pounds”. Which is obviously difficult for anyone!

Another thing that wrestlers deal with is injuries. So when Brad broke his hand last year, I was sure that he had some difficulties. “Last year when I broke my hand,  I lost a lot of strength in my arm because I wasn’t able to lift”, Blevins said, “and cutting weight was difficult due to that and those were probably the biggest things that I had to overcome”.

This past Saturday, we had a tournament at the Summersville Armory where around 40 schools attended. We went with high hopes that our boys would deliver a good win, and they placed fifth! Great job!