Youtube Policies


Youtube is the most well known video sharing platforms in the world. When Youtube was introduced in 2005, the platform recieved around 1 million views its first year. Since then, it grew rapidly and became one of the most successful video sharing platforms. Along with its great success, there are some downfalls that have came with it as well. 


In the past few years, many youtubers channels and their videos have been taken down due to copyright issues. This would be the right course of action if these channels were violating copyright regulations. The creators of these channels work hard to make sure that their content is creative and original. So why are their channels still getting banned? 


The reasoning behind this problem is Youtube employees want to avoid legal issues with big name companies/ channels. It has been reported that a youtuber named TotallyNotMark had 155 of his videos taken down by the company Toei Animation. He stated that the company did not give any details why they took his videos down, and Youtube would not get involved to help get his videos back. 


This caused significant problems for his family and his self. This was their main source of income for his company and workers. It would not be as big of an issue if this was the only situation. There are many other examples or channels that have been taken down without reasoning. There is no effort that is being put into helping get the videos back to their creators.. 


So, next time you decide to upload something on youtube, just be cautious and think of the policies on youtube and be extra careful. Same with posting content on reddit, twitter, instagram, etc. Companies won’t hesitate to delete it.