Gingerbread House Contest 2021


Elijah Hollinghead, Writer

Greenbrier West students are showing their festive spirit by participating in a gingerbread house decorating contest. Students can compete in two different categories, these being traditional original creation which is edible and a non-traditional which is created with cardboard, sticks, legos, etc. Participants can get the supplies for non-traditional houses from the schools head custodian, Jessica Williams. The rules for this contest are; your base may not be larger than 18 by 13 inches, and each entry must have a theme name. If you win this contest, you will receive a cash prize. First place gets $50, second place gets $25, and third place gets $15. Prize money will be given in both categories. All entries must be entered before December 10th, and will be judged at noon that day. The entries have been fantastic.  Timmy Dalton’s creation has two houses, but the best part is the fully decorated Christmas tree in the middle. Greenbrier West’s principal, Mrs. Robertson and our math teacher, Coach Rob also participated in the festive fun. Who will win the contest and walk home with not only money, but a tasty treat as well?