GWHS Forensic Class

What comes to mind when you hear the word Forensics? Criminals? DNA? A crime show? How about high school? You probably think that is  funny. What does high school have to do with Forensics? Well, even though most forensics classes are taught at colleges, some high schools offer them. Greenbrier West is one of those schools. I had the opportunity to interview some of the students who take part in this class. I asked them some fairly simple questions, in which they answered perfectly. 


Abby Tharp who is a senior this year was one of those students. I first asked her why she chose to take forensics class. “I am interested in a career with forensics and Mrs. Bland is my favorite teacher so I had to take the class.” Currently the kids in this class are learning how to correctly collect evidence from a crime scene and how not to “tamper with any of the evidence.” Now classes like this aren’t only made for fun. Classes like these have many benefits. For example Abby said, “If you are ever in a situation that could be a crime you would know how to react and what to do and not do and how to avoid criminals.” Raven Dove who is another student in this class also said “This classes not only teaches you about forensics but also the psychology of criminals.” Raven would like to become a Forensic Anthropologist which is someone who investigates the bones at crime scenes and inspects how long they have been there. 


Both students stated if they could change one thing about the class it would be to have more hand on activities. Even if you are not wanting to choose a career that deals with this kind of thing it would not be a bad idea to take this class. It teaches you the importance of how to always be careful because you never know what you might come across.