The Omicron Variant


Ashton Dale , Writer


We all know about the Covid-19 virus, which started around early 2020 and has continued to be a global problem, starting lockdowns, requiring masks and vaccines. Over the last two years, Covid has been evolving and new variants have been discovered. These variants being Delta, Alpha, and the newly discovered Omicron variant. 


The Omicron variant was discovered last week in Southern Africa. The variant soon spread to Britain and several other countries. It has recently spread to Canada, and the first few cases have actually been reported in California. Scientists say the vaccines are less effective against this variant and new precautions will need to be taken. 


Researchers are still unsure of the danger of the new variant, as we do not have a lot of information available to us at this time. As cases rise, those who are unvaccinated or at risk should continue to wear our masks and avoid unnecessary outings. 


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