The American Music Awards 2021


The AMA’s award show was hosted in Los Angeles  at the “Microsoft Theater” with many new  artists along with some oldies. These artists include; BTS, Coldplay, Silk Sonic, Olivia Rodrigo, and Miranda Lambert. There were over 1,000 people that attended the shows for this 2021 show. There were many genres of music consisting of Country, Pop, Electronic, and Alternative in the concerts in the AMA’s. The AMA’s was improved because people were able to attend this event due to the change in covid cases making performing able to be pursued. This was a good change for people to be able to go to the concerts that were performed. Along with the attendance, numerous people also won many awards. The group that won artist of the year was BTS, a Korean pop group that had been known for going global recently. The group that won the most awards was also the Korean pop group BTS, who won best pop song, artist of the year, and best duo group. With a total of three awards, this makes them the group with the highest amount of awards won in a day. This does not include Megan the Stallion, who won about the same amount of awards for her recently released song “Body”.  The overall awards went well and everyone who won gave speeches for each award they received “It took four years to be on that stage to get this trophy,”  “Thank you so much. And it actually means to us even more we are actually a small boy band from Korea which got united by the love of music and all we want to do is spread love, good vibes and energy through music and performance. Without you guys, ARMY, we could have never done it.” Making this year’s AMA’s award show one of the best this past year.” Min Yoongi stated after accepting their reward for artist of the year.