College Prep for High School Seniors


For many high school seniors, preparing for college can be very overwhelming, so I have compiled a list of what I, in my not-at-all professional opinion, believe are important steps to take before going to college.

  1. Fill out the FAFSA

Yes, I know it’s tedious and somewhat frightening, but filling out your financial aid application is an integral part of applying to a college or university. Filling out the FAFSA helps you understand what kind of loans you can receive and if you qualify for any grants to help pay your tuition.

2. Apply for scholarships!

When you google “scholarships for high school students” there are pages upon pages of applications to choose from. Don’t let this intimidate you! Often, scholarships can be tailored to your specific interests or needs. For example, I filled out a scholarship application for students with siblings who are disabled. There are scholarships for everything! However, if you are still having trouble finding something for yourself, you can always talk with your school counselor or the financial aid office at the college of your choice.

3. Go on tours!

Admittedly, I am terrified of leaving for college, but going to Concord University and taking a campus tour eased my nerves. It is much easier to visualize yourself in class and in the dorms if you have visited. If you want to sign up for a tour go to the official website for the college you want to tour and sign up.

4. Make a dorm list

I am very excited about dorm life. I’ve had the same bedroom since I was 3 years old and the idea of decorating my new college dorm is so cool to me! I took it upon myself to create an Amazon wishlist detailing all of the things I’m going to need. My list includes shower shoes, desk organizers, and fun tapestries for my walls.

5. Retake the SAT or ACT

I am retaking the SAT. Even if you think that your score is okay you can always take it again. Certain colleges have scholarships for those with high enough SAT scores and it never hurts to try for free money.



My amazon wishlist, not because I want you to purchase anything, just as an example