Greenbrier West Culinary Thanksgiving


Each year, before Thanksgiving break Chef Foley gives his students a big project: to prepare their own Thanksgiving. This project consists of the students making their own Thanksgiving dish for their class. Chef Foley has his students each choose their own dish to prepare, so there are no repeat dishes. This also teaches his students to think outside the box and have a variety of dishes to make.

Due to COVID-19, this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner was for Culinary students only. Chef chose to put an exotic spin on the traditional Thanksgiving by having students pick out their dish and use unique alternatives in place of traditional ingredients. Foley had his sous chef handle the meat dishes, which included ham, turkey, and goose.


The remaining students got into small groups of 3 to make their dishes. There were also different categories they chose from. Such as dessert, greens, baked goods, and entrées.