Greenbrier West JV Football


(Pictured Left to Right) #74 Jacob Whitt, #12 Tucker Lilly, #52 Terry Treadway, #24 Chris Davis, #72 Ethan Hamons

Abby Bostic, Assistant Editor

Football season, almost every individual’s favorite time of the year. Or at least it is for the folks in Charmco! Even if it’s 30 degrees outside and raining, our Friday night football games are always packed so we can cheer on our players. Being under the Friday night lights is what most, if not all, of our Cavaliers have dreamed of since they were young. But, it takes practice and hard work before they get to experience the excitement that comes with having a varsity position. And that is where our Junior Varsity team comes into play.

Our JV team is where our players can really develop new skills and strengthen the ones they’ve had before-hand; so whenever they get a concrete varsity position, they’re fully prepared. This team has had a perfect 8-0 season this year, which is their second undefeated JV season in a row. Our highest scoring game being an impressive 50-0 win against the Summers County Bobcats. Quite a bit of people don’t really show up to our Monday night JV games which is very unfortunate considering these players need encouragement and we have many impressive players on our JV. With our freshmen being the majority of our Junior Varsity, they have definitely shown up, played their part, and shown us their skills. We definitely have some future stars on our hands!

Be sure to congratulate our JV on their perfect season! Let them know their hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed:

#10 – Moses Gray
#12 – Tucker Lilly
#20 – Bradley Hodge
#22 – Isaac Agee
#23 – Kameron Shrewsbery
#24 – Chris Davis
#30 – Evan Vandall
#41 – Roy Loudermilk
#42 – Trent Parker
#43 – Joevun Robinson
#44 – Brandon Poticher
#50 – Jacob Nutter
#51 – Hunter Richmond
#52 – Terry Treadway
#62 – Keylee Clere
#63 – Jonathan Painter
#64 – Daron Vaughan
#70 – Hunter Gwinn
#72 – Ethan Hamons
#73 – Kaden Dix
#74 – Jacob Whitt
#75 – Peyton Ford
#77 – Cameron White
#80 – Randall Keener
#82 – Sheldon McKenzie
#85 – Austin Baker