Greenbrier West’s Student Government


Abby Bostic, Assistant Editor

As many of you may know, we just recently had our election for the 2021-22 Student Government. 2-4 individuals were elected from each grade level in hopes that they will exceed their classes expectations. Their positions are as follows:

9th Grade:
Tyler Muncy
Emily Ferrell

10th Grade:
President – Hayden Ridgeway
Vice President – Jacob Nutter
Secretary – Abby Bostic
Treasurer – Kadie O’Dell

11th Grade:
President – Raelyn Palmer
Vice President – Meagan Poticher
Secretary – Peyton Sprong
Treasurer – Caroline McMillion

12th Grade:
President – Braelee Brown
Vice President – Brandon Alderson
Secretary – Tessa Barnette
Treasurer – Bobbie Binkley

The student from the Student Government that I was capable of interviewing is a very kind and respectful individual who is loved by the faculty and students in Greenbrier West. I have high expectations for all of these students because they are involved with the student body in some way or another, some even involved in many aspects of the student life, and they can be wonderful outlets as well as be a representative for the voices of many different groups of students. Thank you to 11th Grade Vice President, Meagan Poticher, for letting me interview you! I’m very appreciative that this student gave me her time. As well as a big thank you to Greg Mills, our history teacher who runs the Student Government, for allowing me to interview him as well!

Many students don’t realize the importance of the Student Government when it comes to the student body, but being a part of SGA means you gain the opportunity to have your ideas for the school and students become real. When I interviewed Mills, I asked him what the purpose of the student government is. Mills responded by saying that the SGA has an incredible impact on the school and specifically the student body because it gives them the outlet to have their voices and opinions heard. Mills has many plans for the future of SGA but the most upcoming event is our annual Veterans Day assembly. They are also hoping to serve hot chocolate at least one morning this December, and have a possible snowball dance in February! So, keep yourself tuned in so you’ll know when they put together new things!

When I interviewed Poticher, she responded to my questions with such well-put answers. When asked how she planned on making an impact, Poticher said she was going to try and do so by “attempting to reimplement many events that have been taken away due to Covid”. Poticher stated that she wants the underclassmen to experience high school “the way that everyone did pre-Covid, while still enforcing the proper safety measures”. She definitely seems to enjoy SGA and being able to make a difference in the student life since she has participated all throughout middle school. “But”, Poticher said, “we haven’t had it since I’ve been at Greenbrier West, which is also due to Covid”. Poticher seems to have many goals she wants to accomplish in SGA this year but her main goal is to “make school as normal as possible” since Covid has definitely impacted many enjoyable aspects of school and she wants to safely get them back. Poticher says she’s super excited to be back this year and I’m sure the rest of us can’t wait to see what she, and the rest of SGA, has planned!