Greenbrier West Veterans Day 2021


Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States that is observed annually on November 11. It is a day to honor those who have sacrificed their lives and fought for our country.
Greenbrier West High School held its Veteran’s Day Program in the auditorium on Friday, November 5 at 9 a.m. Class President Bralee Brown and Vice President Brandon Alderson spoke at the Veterans Day Program. A select group from the Greenbrier West Choir performed the National Anthem. The JROTC students did the Presentation of Colors. During the beginning of the ceremony, a slide show was played to recognize the veterans of Greenbrier West High School and those veterans who are closely related to our staff and students.

Guest speaker, Sargent McClung, gave a sentimental speech to students and veterans. Throughout his speech, he discussed that “freedom isn’t free”. Those that served in the military have made many sacrifices for our personal freedoms. At the end of his speech, Sargent McClung played his guitar and sang “Proud to be an American”.
Tonya Mills, local artist and wife of Greenbrier West Social Studies teacher Greg Mills, performed “A Patriotic Painting”. Mrs. Mills created a beautiful American flag with a silhouette of a soldier saluting to his country. She said that both of her grandfathers served in World War II and she often does paintings in honor of them. Lastly, a beautiful final selection was performed by the select group from the Greenbrier West choir.

For the Veterans day program, the Cavalier Culinary team made a lovely breakfast for those that came and watched our program. They prepared a breakfast bake and breakfast pastries. The breakfast bake was an egg, sausage, thick-cut bacon, potatoes, and cheese baked in a puffy pastry. The pastries are coffee cakes, cinnamon, and pecans baked into perfect cakes for coffee or tea. The Cavalier Culinary team made their famous chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. They also served coffee, sweet tea, and orange juice.