Life as a Senior Athlete


When you were in high school you may have wondered “what senior has enough time for sports?” Well, I can give you the answer: most kids have enough time to participate in sports. Some kids even have jobs on top of sports. They also have college stuff to do and stuff like that.

Now let’s meet Elijah Perkins, a football player for Greenbrier West. Currently, he plays right tackle, but he previously played full back. His favorite part of football is “playing as a team, and helping the team in any way he can.

Elijah says he loves to play football with his friends, and his favorite teammate to play with is Ty Nickell, “because is a hard hitter and a good player.” says Perkins. He also loves to help the team any way he can, he likes to make sure that if he cant help the team he is making sure they have a good time as it is his senior year.

The people that helped him get to playing football are his coaches. Though Elijah is playing a new position, he knows he can help the team. “I do a decent job. I ain’t going to say I’m the best because I’m not the best, but I’m pretty decent. If anything I can always learn from other people.”