How well do you know your teachers?


How well do you know your teachers? You probably already know that Coach Robertson is a math teacher and coach, but did you know he also has a background in science?

Let’s start with what you already know: Coach Robertson, the math teacher. He has been teaching for 10 years now. He teaches college transitional math, Algebra III, college trigonometry, calculus, Algebra I Honors, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. His favorite class to teach is trigonometry. 

You probably also know by now that he is a coach. He claims he has always been a sports-a-holic. He also says he has always wanted to be a coach to “try and help kids learn things about the sport and about life.” He has been coaching for 18 years. When asked what his favorite thing about coaching is, he responded with, “I think the best thing is to see kids work together toward a common goal.” He says that coaching has also helped him build patience. 

However, did you know that Coach Robertson also used to be a chemist? The lab where he worked as a chemist was shutting down, and his job was being transferred to Philadelphia. Mrs. Robertson had encouraged him to become a teacher prior to this; so, he says, “It just seemed to be God’s way of telling me it was time for a change.”

So what’s going on with him now? When questioned about what he was excited for in the future he immediately responded with “Meadow Bridge next Friday.” This is the game that will be played this Friday, October 1. As you may know, Meadow Bridge is a big rivalry for us, and Coach Robertson also shared this “That’s what rivalries are about, that’s the fun, the most fun thing in games in high school is your rivalry games”. He also said he is excited for the James Monroe game the following week on October 8. Hope to see you there!