Ms. Mullins’ Walking Classroom


Shea Cline, Head-editor/Reporter/Writer

In the summer of 2021, Ms. Mullins, a teacher at Greenbrier West, received a grant for The Walking Classroom. The Walking Classroom is an educational program that gives students and teachers access to a library of academic podcasts. While listening to each podcast, the students will walk the track around the football field or around the gymnasium. Podcasts begin with a brief health literacy message – for example, the connection between exercise and cognitive function. The messages are relayed within the context of the conversation and are not “heavy-handed.” Each time a child listens to a podcast, their health literacy builds and is reinforced (The Walking Classroom, 2020).

Physical activity has an immense impact on cognitive development, as well as mental health. The benefits of school-based physical activity include improved attention, a lower risk of depression and anxiety, and better grades overall. While all students benefit from the increased activity and educational content of The Walking Classroom, inactive children, and children with low academic achievement stand to benefit the most. The program also provides teachers with an innovative tool to meet the needs of students with alternative learning styles such as ADHD, dyslexia, and/or autism (The Walking Classroom, 2021). 

So far, Ms. Mullins’ students have listened to podcasts on how taxes work,  Native American mound builders, and constellations. Each podcast is around 15-20 minutes and comes with questions on google forms. Other podcast topics include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, The Boston Tea Party, and Volcanos. Ms. Mullins has reported positive feedback from her students regarding the program and is hopeful that she will be able to offer it to not only current but future students.