Babydog Visits West


Haley Brackman, Cora Kesterson, Patience Lunsford, Raelynn Palmer, Olivia Hamrick, Karli Holiday

Shea Cline, Head-editor/Reporter/Writer

Waylon and Babydog

On Thursday, September 16th, 2021 Governor Jim Justice came to Greenbrier West to award Waylon Gilkeson with a full-ride scholarship to any public university in the state as part of the “Do it for Babydog” initiative. The scholarship includes room and board, tuition, and books, and is valued at over $100,000. Gilkeson, a custodian at West, says he wants to go to school to one day become an educator.

In Justices’ speech to the students at West, he encouraged them to get the vaccine. “It’s your choice,” Justice said, “But the only way to stop this is getting vaccinated. Masks alone won’t stop this.” 

Justice ended his speech by complimenting the staff and students of Greenbrier West. “Greenbrier West High school has the best kids in the whole state. The building is the cleanest and the staff is wonderful.” 


Justice and Gilkeson shaking hands

If you would like to receive your COVID vaccine in order to be eligible to enter the Do it for Babydog sweepstakes call your local pharmacy or physician’s office to schedule your vaccination appointment today.